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Why To Use White Flowers In Your Wedding?

Why To Use White Flowers In Your Wedding White Roses and Babys breath

After all these years working with a wholesaler like, I have seen trends when it comes to wedding themes and colors depending on the season and the location of the wedding; however there is always something that I have never seen change and that is the love for white flower weddings.

White is a color that appeals to brides regardless of age, location and budget and since white represents purity, honesty and perfection, it is the quintessential color of any union; another good reason to create your wedding arrangements in white, is the easiness to use any other flowers and greenery to obtain bouquets that will always be cherished by everyone specially the most important person, the bride.

DIY with White Flowers

When you purchase your flowers from us, the idea of creating your own bouquets, centerpieces and other decorations can be a little daunting but with a little confidence you will see that flowers are easy to work and they are very resilient; when it comes to white blossoms we carry in our collection an array of flowers that will be excellent for any ideas you have in mind;

Roses are unique for your wedding

in roses we can offer flowers that go from pure white such as Escimo or Mt Everest that are considered pure white, and will match the tone of your dress so the flowers don’t look cream color; (this is something some people realizes only when they compare their flowers to the dress and it is too late to change); Escimos and Mt Everest are roses that have a small head compared to other varieties, however they bloom spreading their petals open.

On the other hand if you are looking for some off white roses we carry varieties such as White Chocolate or Cream de la Cream; these varieties are a match when your dress is not pure white; finally if you are looking for a cream tone rose we carry Vendela roses; it is worth to say that any white rose you choose will be complemented very well with any filler greenery.

Roses are not the only option

If you want to stay away from roses we recommend to check our white hydrangeas in any variety depending on how big you want the arrangements to be; Callas, lilies and cymbidiums are options that are mostly pure white and make great and unique arrangements; all these flowers match each other not only in their beauty but also in the way they look together.


Ruscus israeli, white roses and babys breath

Don’t forget your fillers

After choosing your main flowers, you will need to see what fillers to use; Baby’s Breath are a good choice; mums and daisies are always good compliments as well; finally greenery for any arrangements is a must; from Ruscus to Fern to Leather Leaf, there are many options we carry.

There are more Flowers to choose

check our vast selection of flowers, filler and greenery to make your final decision; we are here to answer any questions you may have along the way. Remember you are capable of doing your own wedding arrangements; it is just a little confidence!!


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