White Carnations

White Carnations are one of the variety of flowers with the longest vase life. They come in an array of colors and are perfect for any event you have; from weddings to company events. As with other flowers, Carnations can be used to express different feelings depending on the color of the flower.

As beautiful as these flowers are they are versatile so you can use them as the main flower on your arrangement or as a filler. Browse our varieties and choose the color that matches your event.


When you purchase from us you will get only premium quality flowers with big heads, vibrant colors, strong stems, greener foliage and longer vase life.

 Shipping Process for your White Carnations.

We have availability all year round. They are shipped to you on a special box.

Place your orders at least 4 days in advance of your delivery date. The flowers are always hydrated and with the speedy delivery of our partners in UPS, you will receive your orders in no time.

Care tips for your White Carnations.

  • Water, water, water. Your flowers need water. Put your flowers in a container with lukewarm water. Distilled water is best but tap water is fine. Adding a little sugar to the water will help keep your flowers vibrant.
  • Trim a half-inch from the stem at a 45-degree angle.
  • Change the water every two days.
  • Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight.
  • Place your flowers away from fruit.

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Showing all 2 results