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Why i bought flowers from a Online wholesale company?

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When my friends at Amazing Flowers USA asked me to write an entry for their blog about how I lost my worries and reservations about making my own floral arrangements I said I would to in part show my point of view about how easy this process was.

Let me tell you about me before we continue; My name is Amanda, I live in Virginia and have been married for 4 years; no kids yet.

I did my first arrangements for my sister wedding about 3 years ago; she asked me to help her with planning her wedding; we began by talking to a few florist whom showed us beautiful arrangements that would please even the most difficult bride; however as beautiful these arrangements were they also were a little pricey; nothing wrong with that because the florist are creating something unique for you and you will have the perfect flowers for your perfect day. Although my sister was very keen on having the flowers made by a professional, my brother in law did not want to spend that kind of money on something if I recall correctly he called, “next day trash”, without understanding that flowers are a big part of any ceremony specially a wedding and that my sister would have not gotten married without them; realizing that my sister didn’t count with all the money she needed to have the right flower arrangements she wanted for the wedding, we had to come up with new ideas to still have flowers and do not break that part of the budget; we went to different craft stores and watched a lot of youtube videos on how to work with artificial flowers but although some of them look like real flowers, we didn’t like the overall look and feel they gave us; so back to square one; we were stressed¬† because the wedding was 5 months out but we did not have flowers and even after my sister talking to her fianc√© a few more times he didn’t change his mind; well at this point we had to think fast and see what else we could do; we decided to go back to youtube and search for tutorials on how to make our own floral bouquets; after a few glasses of wine we got some flowers from a supermarket and created some not so good bouquets, but we realized that making them was not as hard as it seemed; our next step was to get high quality flowers which you can get a the supermarket; we went to the local florist but the prices for cut flowers was really high and then we went to local wholesalers but they do not sell if you are not a retailer. The search for flowers started on the internet and we found a few sellers and we settled for Amazing Flowers USA; their service, communication and customer service was great and most of all the quality and variety of flowers was excellent. After my sister’s wedding I became the go to girl for flower arrangements so I have done two more weddings and one more event at my office. In the end please consider buying your flowers from these guys.

Amanda, Virginia

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